Kunene Viaggi was born in 2001 from the passion that Marietta Russo, the manager, has always had for travelling and which she also shares with her husband, Francesco Ferrara. The couple has been able to transform Kunene Viaggi into a company dedicated to the world of tourism, with the help of new technologies. Today it operates in both business and private sectors as a provider of tourist products and services and is specialized in Destination Wedding, with particular attention to the promotion of Campania, not only for the most popular destinations, such as the marine areas of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, but also for the hinterland of the region, characterized by the presence of a variety of castles, historic buildings, mansions and luxury country houses already set up to host high standard events and ceremonies. Getting married in these areas means living an everlasting experience. Impetuous and noble, humane and transcendent, evanescent and tangible: Campania is an Italian region that enchants the eyes and soul, the perfect setting for the most beautiful day. The pandemic events from COVID-19, now under control, have not stopped the desire to travel. If possible, they have sharpened it. In this spirit, you can go back to dreaming of getting married in the places of your dreams, other than those where you live: remote, unexplored places. You can dream of a classic or alternative ceremony, with an ancient ritual and filled with spirituality, in a castle, a garden, a beach, or in a modern and extremely luxurious location. Campania offers the possibility to choose among many different types of weddings because of the endless variety of landscapes that characterizes it, from marvelous seaside resorts to cities of great artistic and architectural splendor, up to the inland, an area equally full of history and characterized by bucolic and soothing landscapes. Campania is also wonderful in terms of food and wine. It is famous all over the world for its culinary delicacies, for its DOC and DOP products, for its fine wines and for the care used in the production of high-quality handicrafts. Campania is not only a region, but also a proper experience: it’s human warmth, tradition; it’s hospitality, it’s the dive into a never-ending warm embrace made of glances and smiles which makes you feel at home, which makes you feel in the right place and in the one and only place you can celebrate the most important day of your life, the beginning of your loving fairy tale. And it is only there, in the land where love is released, that you can write with the proper inspiration, the chapter of your life dedicated to the most beautiful day for those you love.

"POR Campania FESR 2014-2020"